The LaManchas

The herd is small now. Starting out almost 30 years ago with one and sometimes as many as 85, oh my! Beginning with Nubian  so many of us do and having had a Saanen, our daughter (now grown) a small herd of Toggenburgs , and somehow transitioning to LaManchas about half way through about 15 years ago.

Now we are at 7. Comprised by KC a 3 year old milker , Liberty also 3 years old and now drying off. Libbie's two 7 month old doe kids . In the buck barn you will find Longfellow 6 years and sire of the two older does. He was our first homegrown ADGA buck to appraise excellent 90 + in their Linear Appraisal program. His son Sundance Kid 3 years aka Sunny and a recent addition Butch Cassidy also a 3 year old and Sunny's half brother. 
Libbie on left / KC right as dry yearlings

  Longfellow left rear and Sunny coming to us head on. 

Haven't taken pictures of the doelings other than the ones below at birth. 

KC and first buck kid 2014

Libbie with Licorice Twist on left/Ginger Snap on right 2014.

I will attempt to make up for that in the near future. .

Butch Cassidy KC's brother and half brother to Sunny

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