Thursday, October 23, 2014

Everything Old is New Again or Nothing Stays The Same But Change

Please note technology only works when it works. I have tried to resurrect my old blog Life on the Farm but nada , no  isn't having none of it! 

So here we go again. Lots of changes on our "42 acres of paradise". A smaller herd of LaMancha dairy goats , a larger flock of chickens including 34 almost four week old pullets. Please note this is no pullet . May I introduce "Robert Redford" a lovely Wheaton roo and a perfect gentleman.

  Our first full sized garden since the move here three years ago and the beginning of the new normal for us with my husband's now on going battle with Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia and a few other varieties of cancer tossed into the mix just to see if we were paying attention. :-)

   The weather is changing as we visit. Rain is falling and we most certainly won't complain since we will need a lot of it to bring us up to "normal" or better. 

I am getting into winter mode. Which means more spinning, weaving and quilting. More warm meals and baking. And more time for blogging. I am still on Facebook but am going to be there less as time goes on. Our world is spinning and many folks are making drama a way of life. I believe that with the exception of instant communication with my family still in the Valley there is not much there for me at this point. So as odd as it may seem I am going back to a gentler time of blogging. Seems odd to say that but tis true.

So with that said if you are new to the  blog or have found us again from following before welcome back or welcome for the first time. I hope to make this new blog one of sharing our way of life and gentler times. In hopes that it can be seen that there is life without continual narcissistic drama but still a lot to be shared. Hope to see you here often.


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