Saturday, February 17, 2018

Watching Our Nor Cal Version of Artic Freeze Drifting In

Looks innocent enough no? A gentle Saturday afternoon after chores aplenty knitting on the back deck. But we are being told things like frigid temperatures, a dose of rain , cover your fragile plants and kiss the blossoms on your almond tree goodbye. They even said the S word for Monday and Tuesday. We will see . 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

If It's Tuesday It Must Be Time For A Giveaway!

While I am always inclined to agree with this there are exceptions to the rule. Sometimes things take us to a place that makes us happy and productive . In my case as I have said before all things fiber do that for me. As do baby goats but that is another post.

I have had fiber sheep at several times in my livestock/spinning fiber art life but after the last flock left and years later after I had either used up or gifted others with all that Romney goodness I decided at this stage of my life  it may be prudent to let others do the production and I can go to Etsy and just drool and push a button and partake in their talents and hard work . It also enabled me to a wider variety of product with many breeds to choose from and some bling man made on occasion. It also gave me another opportunity to support small family farms. Which I have been known to become wickedly opinionated about at times.

So while cruising Etsy one day I tripped over a farm girl named Janet Garman at Timber Creek Farm. An enthusiastic supporter of and educated in Ag. You can find her blog on the sidebar in blogs I follow or just click on this   And I ordered some skeins from her.

I made two pair of fingerless mitts one for myself and one for a dear friend who happens to be one of my go to veterinarians. They are soft, warm and yummy. Guaranteed to make you hands smile on 28 degree mornings like we had today. I also wove my hubby a scarf from a Romney Merino blend which I haven't been able to get a photo of yet . And I love her logo and all the cuteness she uses to make you remember her
 A postcard photo of some of the family happily munching away.

 As if all she has done and plans to do isn't enough she is also a published author and has articles in the latest issue of  one of my favorite publications Countryside magazine's.

 I want to take this opportunity to giveaway two Timber Creek T-shirts today. Yes they were supplied by Janet but I am not receiving any monetary or product compensation for this post or the giveaway. In fact I contacted Janet to do this as I am so intent on helping out folks whose products I have used and like.

There are two shirts the beige is a medium regular cut and the pink is a ladies cut sleeve in a large.

If you are interested in winning one of these fun shirts for yourself or to gift your favorite fiber fanatic please leave a comment and the shirt of your choice. Drawing will be held on Sunday February 18th and announced on Monday the 19th. All entries will receive a number as they are posted and numbers will be used in the drawing out of the hat. Yes a knitted hat lol.  


Sunday, February 11, 2018

Procarastination Or Life Got In The Way???

The sky this morning on my walk out to the barns. Ain't it great? But not as great as the temperature this morning. A balmy 34  degrees Winter you are back !!

I was even more thrilled about patches of frost on the ground and ice on some buckets. Not a hard freeze mind you as the clouds rolled in early this morning keeping us from enjoying an even colder start to the day. But none the less a frosty start to the day. Gee can't imagine why the goats didn't find the iced buckets as exciting as I did? 

Well I have to admit it wouldn't sink the Titanic but again we had ice. Doesn't take much to make this farm girl happy dance does it?

What , huh? Oh the post title. I know I keep mentioning the next post to be a giveaway and a shout out for a great gal I have come to know. This is not it. Sorry I sat down to put the pieces together today but then I had to go  outside to try out all the good stuff I learned at the nursery's berry class yesterday . And then with that done I had to fill up the sprayer with my white vinegar and spray some pesky weeds the latest spell of warmer weather produced. And after that more weeding in the front and when I finally got back here?

 Well I remembered I needed to get some registration papers ready to ship off to the ADGA (american dairy goat assoc) in Spindale NC for a buyer. Then there were those greeting cards , hand written mind you. That had to be done to be mailed tomorrow when I was down in the valley at the post office.

So you say and now? Well now I need to go fetch the clean laundry off the line and take photos of the berry sprucing up results . And then I need to milk a goat and feed a few. And well I know you understand and I WILL do that post next. On Tuesday when I have another day at home. So be sure to visit me on Tuesday to see about the give away and a fine fibery lady.

Unless life gets in your way!

Hand woven saddle blanket in progress on the loom of my cowgirl neighbor. Ain't it amazing???

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Post Prep

I believe that the most time consuming part of blogging is the prep. Sort of like cooking a meal you know. It isn't tying it all together as much as it is planning, finding and joining together all the parts of the whole. 

So today I have spent some time going through photos on my new PC after loading them from my iPhone . Then cropping, making them look their best (such as the one above Mt. Shasta from a bend in the road on the way home) then putting them in the blog. So while I continue with this arduous task I thought I would share a few of the newer items in the photo inventory. 

Directly across Ash Creek road from Shasta was a small herd of Mule deer grazing on the wonderful native grasses that also support the free range cattle raised in the area and not to be forgotten my small herd of LaManchas that munches away creating a dent in the monthly feed bill.

 The small bumps with ears in the grass are this years calves taking a rest while Mama munches to create more milk. Takes a lot of calories to produce enough milk to help get a 50 pound plus calf from hitting the ground to the 300 pound plus market weight. 

Lori wearing a big smile and who could blame her as she shows off her handwoven lap blanket she wove for her hubby on her two shaft floor loom. 

Well enough playing around as I need to get back to prepping for the next blog post which will include a long over due shout out for a fiber friend and a give away !

Monday, February 5, 2018

Back In The Saddle Again

Love this signage in a favorite restaurant window. It is a shame it is more rooted in reality more than in humor.

Enjoying the view from my desk as I dance across the keyboard of my new laptop clicking on photos from the last several months. Will enjoy just adding a few in this post but will get a serious post completed after this practice run.  The photo transferring is a bit different than my old PC as it came with Windows 10 and I understand why it was not the busiest girl at the dance now.

 Another worrisome sign of our times at Starbucks restroom. Not only do they need to be reminded but the humor to me in this is they need to post a step by step diagram?

It has been a bit premature in a Spring like weather pattern so the honey bees have been very busy the last few days. That is to change a bit as we are going back to winter in the next few days. Today it is windy and clouds are gathering. 

Helen - need I say any more? 

A view of the cattle ranch across the street with Mt. Lassen on the left and Broke Off mountain to the right. Still covered with snow from the last storm a few weeks back. The rock walls very reminiscent of Ireland were in a number of places built in the mid 1800's by Chinese workers who came to Northern California during the infamous California gold rush days.  Sure makes a pretty view for us on the opposite side of the road not quite a mile away. The cattle are Black Angus. 

Off to do afternoon chores but I will return with ease now. Happy to be back!


Tuesday, January 30, 2018


See The signage above? Boy does it cover a lot of territory. 
Everything from I need to be honest with myself to I can't believe there are more hiccups in the continuing saga in Geoffrey's health journey .

Trying to keep this short and sweet to the point yadada yadada and so on. I finally bit the proverbial bullet and ordered a new laptop. It should be here this week and then sometime in the next week there should be a real live blog post that doesn't require me chasing photos over multiple photo galleries to the point of tears. "How can a woman who can place an indwelling cathatet in a less than appreciative feline not make this work???!"

As you can plainly see at this point even getting my paragraphs  shaped up has become an issue. While dancing over a screen smaller than a piece of toast and one needs an app which doesn't work very well to accomplish even that. 

So everyone hold their collective breaths and I hope to see you all on the other side 😊

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Baby It's Cold Outside

A nod to all of my fellow bloggers who are currently freezing their tush off. We do feel your pain here in true Nor Cal!

The photo above was taken of Burney  Falls about an hour from my the farm in 2013. That was the winter we got our Artic  Blast and it didn't come from Dairy Queen.  For this girl from the flatlands of the central San Joaquin Valley the absolute thrill of having cold and snow in my own backyard was a gift, a treat for about one week. When it became apparent that after day eight it wasn't  warming up anytime soon with lows anywhere from -3 to 5 degrees and highs of 12 to 13 degrees and hauling water in five gallon buckets twice a day to the goats and chickens the  thrill was waning if not becoming down right old. 

By the beginning of week three it was down right coyote ugly.  But thaw it finally did and a lesson was learned. It is pretty but when your barns aren't build for extreme cold and no matter how hot the fire is it  never got really warm that lesson was "watch out for what you wish for you just might get it." As I said we understand.

This winter has been mild in comparison. We are finally getting more rain. Which is a great blessing as when we get rain we get grass in the fields which makes the goats eyes light up and my feed bill go down. Now that makes me smile. 

The last few months have been preoccupied with Geoffrey's health. I can report that currently the CLL  (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) is not active but not yet declared in remission again. The chemo treatments have ceased for now. To every up side there is a down side. Hey that is is life. So we are now currently tackling a list of issues that were revealed by the same scan that showed the state of inactivity of the leukemia.We  are dealing with one thing at a time in a triage fashion and a list of about half a dozen potential problems.

I am slowly working on a couple post that will bring you up to speed on the farm and fiber activity. Trying to use the blogger format and not the app for doing it.  I must say that if I had known what a pain it is to do that I would not have opted for just getting an iPad. I may be getting a new laptop as blogging is important to me and I would prefer an easier format.  I am interested in your opinions on a dependable lap in the $300 range.  My last one was an HP with a life of five years . I am  not a Dell fan after several issues which left me with a bad tastes for the company. I realize that isn't much of an investment but since I do have the iPad I need a laptop with the basics not a lot of bells and whistles. Thanks ahead of time for your suggestions.