Thursday, June 7, 2018

This Blog It Is A Chang'n

That it is. It is this thing called life. And also my long thought about but rarely acted upon a blog make over. Life is currently taking up a large chunk of , well, life. The complacency of winter indoor dwelling, fires and mugs of chia tea and hot chocolate are a thing of the past for now. Spring sprung and summer is just around the next corner in June. Life is full of gardens and almost daily barn cleaning. Any discretionary time lurking around after that is greedily eaten up with the fair projects and weaving. Toss in an occasional stab at house work and that's all folks. 

So I am bidding you all a farewell for at least a week, or two or more. I will continue to read blogs and when I have two brain cells to rub together respond with more than one syllable and sentence structure. I was the kid in class in grammar school who the teachers loved to say"I don't if you can Goatldi but yes you may". 

I am also trying to build a better mouse trap. I want to become wildly organized with a small backlog of blogs in progress to call upon if I suddenly find myself with total lack of inspiration. And also I long to stay focused, wait oh look there it is a butterfly, I digress. 

So welcome to the self imposed sounds of silence.  I trust it won't be long but I shall make no promises I can't keep. Goat and garden on or whatever is your fancy!