Thursday, November 6, 2014

Looking forward and toss back Thursday

Our farm is only new in location. It began 30 years ago with a young family and a desire to live sustainably. This is our third farm location and for not being nomadic people by nature it has been interesting. If I dig deep enough into the old disc from the old camera I can resurrect some photos of the first goats and that young family. For today our look back is at the second farm location with two lovely granddaughters loving on goats and Great Pyrenees . 

 Hard to believe these cuties are now in their teens but still love coming to the farm and helping out with everything from barn cleaning to kicking back and knitting up something new . 

The fodder is a huge hit. The chicks dig it and so do the buck goats. I even taste tested and was impressed with the sweetness of it.

Longfellow is a fodder lover
Sweet Barley Fodder

Busy week . New projects in the works camera will be at the ready so we can share all the new ideas that we are trying out. Until next time Yarrow says "remember to put your feet on the ground daily to stay connected to our earth"