Sunday, September 16, 2018

Six Days To Go And It Is Beginning To Feel Like Autumn !

Woke up to a crisp Sunday morning and 46 degrees in the air. The air was there no smoke, no haze. The sky was blue a deep blue I haven't seen in about 10 weeks. It looked a lot like this. But today there were no clouds. 

Remember this cute chick and her Mama?

The first night that Flame was out with Mama they ended up sleeping in the original Chick hotel since Flame couldn't mange to get airborne high enough to join Mama on the big chicken roost. Well the second night mind you I walked in there they were. Snug as two bugs in a rug and I do believe I saw a degree from the aeronautics division of avian sciences tucked under Flame's left wing.

And then last night I went out to say goodnight to everyone and give treats to goats and dogs and yes chickens. Good grief I spoil this crew! I couldn't find Flame I could hear her but couldn't find her.   "Flame " I called and I hear "peep,peep,peep." Then again and again with increased concern as I scoured the coop I would holler again and get back another "peep,peep,peep." Mama and Flame had been excavating a few inches deep area in the front of the coop that afternoon so I am thinking "Darn chick thinks it is Indiana Jones!" But I knew Mama was up on the roosting bar by her sisters and then it dawned on me. She did look a bit rounder than usual I took a look from the bottom, nothing. First the right side and then the left. Mama you are really poofing out those wing feathers. I looked down to the roosting bar . Very very suspicious "Mama hen your left wing has sprouted feet."   Just then she ruffled her wing feathers and out walked Flame. I laughed hard at them " Mama you are just like Mother Ginger in the  Nutcracker ballet." 

 Today in the early morning sun Mama hen and Flame were back at it. A scratching lesson again today. It has been fun watching them When I toss grains and veggie clippings to them it is interesting watching Mama chat at Flame incessantly in explanation as she picks up a piece of lettuce and drops it at Flame's feet and showing her again how to pick it up. I bet Mama hen sleeps well at night.  If you can't see Flame enlarge the photo and look on the outside of the fence to the right(your visual right) of the T post. Where else would that sweet little chick  trouble maker be but on the wrong side of the fence. She needs to put on a few pounds! I have watched her drive Mama to distraction running in and out of the no climb fencing. But she always comes back.

Welcome to my garlic bed of 2018 . OK then in progress but one has to start somewhere right?The red flowered plants to in the front left above are a gift from my nursery fiber friend Pam. They are a great butterfly/honey bee and hummer attractant. They were also volunteers this year and I just love them. They will stay until winter calls them home.  If you remember correctly this was the  sunflower bed of this summer. If not here is a refresher.

So today I got busy and turned the soil, got rid of the last of the sunflower roots and mixed in some well aged barn cleanings and a few other goodies and watered it amply. That is Rose to the rear a 4 year  old rosemary bush that began very small and loves where it lives. The artichoke plants outlived the area and the asparagus was a challenge but Rose is dependable and the hummers, honeybees and butterflies love her . I do also especially in soft goat cheese I make.

What else got accomplished this day before one o'clock? I cleaned out the green house to the bones. It was in a terrible state of disarray. I had in fact been dreading the task. I wasn't planning on doing it today but the day is so cool only now at almost three in the afternoon has it reached 80 degrees with a wonderful breeze. And I wasn't looking forward to doing it in warmer weather so I jumped in and got 'er done. Of course no camera in this unplanned venture but I got it all out and will be rearranging things and adding new within the next few weeks. I need to get my salad greens going like yesterday 🙀 I will get some photos as it progresses over time.

Wishing all those experiencing inclement, nasty and downright life threatening weather on the other coast prayers of peace and safety. Perhaps we will all see a calm winter with weather that brings a prosperous Spring for our gardens . I am looking forward to waking to more calm, cool skies as we had yesterday .



At September 16, 2018 at 4:01 PM , Blogger Gorges Smythe said...

Looks like a good place for raised beds.

At September 16, 2018 at 4:33 PM , Blogger Mama Pea said...

Loved hearing the continuing saga of Mama Chicken and Baby Flame. What characters animals can be!

Also enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading about your garden and what you're doing in it right now.

I have a rosemary plant that didn't grow nearly as much as I would have liked it to in the garden this year. Have never had luck bringing one in to winter over, but know it will die if I leave it outside. Any special tips for me?

At September 17, 2018 at 8:54 AM , Blogger Goatldi said...

Yes and no. I love raised beds but I wish Geoffrey had done two things that I would have done. He was the master gardener at the point these were built.

I would have made them higher as , while we age the ground gets further away. And they are , as Flame, on the wrong side of the fence.

When he built these two years into his leukemia we had no idea how the ground squirrel population was going to explode. We had them in Fresno county but they were very limited because of all the farms around us. But hindsight is just that . Later I will share my plan for 2019 that will hopefully fix that.

At September 17, 2018 at 2:37 PM , Blogger Goatldi said...

You said it Mama Pea. If I didn't have critters of all sorts on the farm I A. wouldn't have a farm and B. would get a heck of a lot more done lol

You would be proud as today I got the green house put back together and the seedlings planted for lettuce, radishes, snap peas and in a daring attempt of off season green house gardening heritage cherry tomato seeds in a couple of containers. We will see!

Thanks for asking but my rosemary just grew. I got her at the nursery as a little sprout and she liked it. I wish I had a magic formula for it but nope. Put in ground and watered. Heck she was about two years old before I even added any munchies in her space. To be honest I think I just got lucky.


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