Thursday, November 19, 2015

2015 on the way out the door almost

Only a few more weeks left of 2015 and just when things were slowing down enough to enjoy it. Facebook is quick and easy to look at and I forget more often than not I have a blog. Although I still take the time a couple of times a week to sit and read on the few blogs I follow. Was on one of them I saw my blog in the follow bracket and thought what the heck I will check in. Don't know if anyone is listening though.

 Been busy breeding the does last month and this. First one bred was Twist a Libby daughter who is two and never been kissed. I bred Twist to Longfellow as she had an unrelated sire so wanted to breed back to my lines.Today Libby was bred to Buddy aka Sunny and tomorrow Nutmeg will be bred to Jamboree my Junior Buck. Meg is pictured below she is a two going on three year old this will be her third freshening but the first breeding here on the farm as she was sold as a young kid and just returned to us this year.
I am looking forward to seeing what Spring brings with these three girls especially the Twist breeding to Longfellow as this is the first time I have used him since 2011 . I had used him so heavily in the years from 2006 on that when I had a couple of other bucks to use I put him on the shelf for a bit. 

That is about all the excitement here on the farm. I will be traveling to the central valley in about ten days for business and family. Some work to be done on my Dad's trust and I always try to squeeze in visits with family and dear friends when I am down there.

I will try to take some pictures and do a blog write up when I return. Until then may you have a peaceful evening .