Friday, October 31, 2014

Wet week coming and going

 Ending the week as it began wet but thankfully this time not quite so wild. Last weekends storm was amazing giving us over three inches in the gauge in less than an hour. Causing a good deal of damage and sadly the loss of a young couples lives.

  The chickens were at full attention as always waiting for their morning vegetable scraps from the kitchen. Very excited at the prospect of snacks to start the day. 

Barn cats Tabby-tab on the left and Snowy River love it when Fall rolls around and there is an ample supply of winter hay stored in the barn. Makes for warm naps until next Spring comes around.

Everyone gets frisky when the barometer starts changing and Sherman and Yarrow are no exceptions.The anticipation of more cool , wet weather for our drought struck state gets everyone excited!

  Remember the fodder of last Friday? Progress is being made daily and now on day 8 I am expecting to begin feeding it Sunday or Monday. The chickens are still enjoying the leftovers from the garden. Getting either a leafy tomato plant or pepper plant daily. Nothing goes to waste on the farm and after all that the flock will consume is gone the rest will be roter tilled under. I am looking forward to seeing how they enjoy my first fodder efforts and will be starting some more trays next week also.

 Least we forget the peeps. The pullet girls are growing like crazy on their yummy Scratch and Peck starter feed. A great mill located in Washington state producing top quality USDA certified organic and Non-GMO verified feed. Check them out
So this Plymouth Rock pullet has become the first to take to the wing and daily fly's up to the top of the coop area in the larger coop. Guess it is time to expand their horizons.

Have a wonder filled weeks end and those of you fortunate enough to have some days off enjoy! It will be a busy weeks end here with a trip to the big city Redding for supplies and then on Sunday a *real* trip to Napa for a meeting of a Great Pyrenees rescue I work with . I will be taking some photos to share and will be visiting with you all next week. Thank you for stopping by !


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