Wednesday, September 7, 2016


The signage may tell you the road narrows but in the case of this particular road the horizon was widening. Once again on the way to a new adventure!  Sunday morning I headed up Wildcat over the Butte down into the valley on the other side. 
Apologizes for both reflection in the windshield and the lack of clarity. We have a very large forest fire going in the Klamath forest on the California side. On this morning the smoke was beginning to come down to our area about 3 hours south of the fire area. 

I pressed on to wind my way down the mountain on Manton road then to Hwy. 36 to Red Bluff and old highway 99. The old state highway provides a lovely drive at a leisurely pace if one has the time to allow for it. Eventually one catches up to I5 just before entering the Sacramento area. 
Passed the time listening to Bluegrass and Willie's Roadhouse on Sirius radio. Was feeling a bit empty about early afternoon so stopped at a place that had caught my eye several trips back but never warranted a stop at the time . 
A really homey interior with home made jams, jellies and baked goods. A nice offering of country accent pieces for sale and a few came close to ending up in my truck but not that day maybe another trip. What did end up in my truck was this beauty. A freshly baked peach turnover . Oddles of peach pie filling with flaky  crust to die for. Just the right amount of glaze over the top. Added a lemon sweet tea and it was heaven.
Then it was back the truck turning south onto Highway 99 heading toward the I5 junction and in about 4 hours more landing at a friends house in Madera county just a few miles north of Fresno off Hwy 41. The clock hit 5:30 in the late afternoon as I pulled into their driveway and began to unhitch my trailer. I was spending the two nights I was in town at my sisters and being in town there isn't enough space to park my rig while visiting. Grateful to be able to leave it at Pamela's place while I was visiting my Sis and her hubby. Disclaimer here. This is my rig but not Pamela's place. But I imagine you all figured that out already.
It has been a busy few days and there is still more to the story. Just wanted to check in today as I said I would last week before I left. Please stay tuned for the second installment on this adventure tomorrow night. Before I leave you all I wanted to give a shout out to my visitor from Clovis , CA .  Don't know exactly where you are located but as a valley girl I spent a considerable amount of time in the Clovis area over the years. It was a treat to see a visitor from my hometown area thanks for stopping by hope to see you again. 



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