Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Farmer's Tan?

Does it count as a farmer's tan if you get a tan line after sitting on the deck on a blissfully warm sunny day knitting?  See that line about two thirds of the way through my tattoo? It wasn't there this morning. The tattoo was , ok yes I have a tattoo. You can't tell here because it is a reverse selfie and isn't very detailed and focused. But it is the Celtic symbol for Maiden, Mother , Crone. I got a wild hair after my first three grandgirls joined us. I was feeling very wise and crone like. You know sage and full of wisdom? So I decided what better way to celebrate my leap to being a Gammie yup no R in it in our family reference. Also a bit of a nod to my Great Great Irish Grandmother.

The day looked like this in the afternoon post chores and laundry out. The wind that had threatened to spread my laundry over three counties had even died down to a lovely almost warm breeze.


I was in the process of finishing up the finger less mitts I began in um, well never mind. Let us just say one more UFO knitting for unfinished object is almost done.

I didn't stay long only about an hour or two or never mind.   My reasons were good . It was clear with a lovely view of Mt. Lassen herself in the east. The sky was so blue and the sun felt so good. And it has been a long, wet, cold winter did I mention wet? The Pyrs were napping in the goat pen and the goats were munching the lovely green sweet grass that has grown all fall and winter with the rain we have had. It was so idyllic you know just a perfect spring day.

So who can blame me? Certainly not me for one. Anyway I need to rest up as kidding commences on or about April 7th. And a goatherd needs to store up energy for the weeks ahead. Not to mention there is always a UFO waiting in the wings.


At March 29, 2017 at 5:59 AM , Blogger Mama Pea said...

Good for you and your tan line, girl! All of our bodies could use some of that delightful sun about now. We had on and off sunshine yesterday but it was a day of crazy running here and there for me so I didn't even think about plopping down on the deck . . . but one of these days soon! And when I do, I'll be thinking of you . . . and your good influence!

At March 29, 2017 at 8:01 AM , Blogger Rain said...

I love your Knitter's Tan :))) And the tattoo is nice too. I have a few myself that are symbolic of the stages of life I went through. I was feeling Crone-ish all winter, but I think I have Maiden-fever right now :) Enjoy your beautiful weather!!

At March 29, 2017 at 8:42 AM , Blogger Goatldi said...

You know Msma Pea I have finally realized, that sage wisdom, that there is very little in life that can't wait. After going full throttle with often 16 hour days days between goats and full time vet tech work and right on the heels of our move over here six years ago s husband who began life threatening ill well it has finally changed my outlook on life . Take care of yourself for if you don't you can't take care of others. Thanks for the kind words and I am glad I have inspired you. Now make the magic happen!

At March 29, 2017 at 8:45 AM , Blogger Goatldi said...

Laughing wildly. I didn't (smug look) grammar spelling police this reply. Apparently I should of. Oh well fill in the oops and enjoy your day!

At March 29, 2017 at 8:55 AM , Blogger Goatldi said...

Perhay Rain you should join Donna at the poor farm and help her paint her out buildings lavender while dancing naked and sipping dandelion 🍷.

I also have a spare tattoo and at one point had 9 earrings 4 in one and 5 in the other. So the moral is boys and girls never judge someone by their packaging. It is only skin deep. Have a wonderful day my dear🌞

At March 29, 2017 at 10:26 AM , Blogger Rain said...

Ha! Donna can do the painting and I'll do the sipping, hee hee...I think I still have 2 holes in each ear, but the third ones closed by now, but I've long given up earrings!!! :)


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