Saturday, February 11, 2017

Mish Mash

The first full week of February has certainly been a mish mash and it has involved all aspects of life on and off the farm. Above you see the mighty Sacramento river. Feel free to read more about the river here

The photo above was taken on Thursday last when the river was breaching its banks in some areas. And not forgetting the Oroville Dam  spillway incident here

We are near the river but up the mountain at roughly 1000 feet so the flooding will not be a problem for our farm. Travel on the valley floor could be impaired in some areas though. Oroville is three counties down from us and had no influence on our area except for the show of "don't mess with mother nature". 

But we have had  tremendous amount of rain beginning in October and we are looking for more beginning this coming Wednesday.  Geoffrey keeps a running total but hasn't added it up from October yet. As soon as I get it I will let you know how much we have had at the farm. I think that a lot won't begin to cover it. 

The week itself was busy as could be weaving this scarf to finish off for a birthday gift. 

Which I did finally get done yesterday and I will get a full photo for you after I get it blocked. Before I send it off to the birthday girl. 

On Wednesday the free sew at Blue Iris was booted by a workshop so I took the rainy morning to get my truck oil changed.  Then I took a drive up to Round Mountain to visit a friend Judy Sours. Judy is a weaver, spinner, knitter who lives with her hubby off of Buzzards Roast Road in a straw bale off the grid house they built themselves. They are pretty much self sufficient  having their own dairy cows , chickens , large gardens and orchard.Newest addition to the farm is their honey bees. I had the pleasure of enjoying some honey in a nice cuppa peach tea with the apricot coffee cake I baked up as a thank you for the visit.  They also raise Angora goats and have sold their stock all over the country. Judy is a fiber artist and Stan her hubby is also an artist and taught art now is a well sought after judge for Angora goat shows. 

You can shoot me for not getting photos but I have a bad habit of forgetting to pull out my phone for pictures up there. This trip especially as Judy had just bought out a ladies weaving studio including tubs of silk. And I mean TUBS of it. We spent hours just looking in each tub and enjoying ourselves. Just before I left for home Judy invited me to join her at the fiber group gathering that night. It is comprised of friends Judy has influenced in one way or the other with weaving, spinning , knitting or all of the above. She didn't have to ask twice and *that* I got photos of ;-)

This loom is the most recent loom to the group it came with the silk that Judy (to the right) acquired with the studio buy out. They were experiencing a bit of stick to the harnesses upon treadling but all was resolved shortly. The loom had been out of use for some time it is an eight harness loom.

The building that the ladies meet in is on a friends property and is called The Shed catchy no? For you none weavers a shed is the space created in the warp by raising and lowering the harnesses and though which the shuttle passes. 

There must be at least 8 to 12 looms plus two wheels (my Matchless is the one in front of the chair) and numerous other weaving , spinning equipment that catches the eye when entering the room. There are loads of books and magazines plus cones of fiber and much much more for use by those who come to the gatherings.

As you can see from this photo no shortage of baskets full of materials also and arty farm signs and wall hangings abound. 

Loving the rug to the right with the straps created on a Inkle loom to the left of the rug

Pam is creating on this loom and she wove away on the table runner near by where I was spinning up singles (meaning it will be used as a warp therefore a single yarn) of Shetland roving on my wheel. Love the sound of the loom as the shed rises and lowers very rhythmical. 

 This is Lori she is smiling, why? Well I would be smiling too as she has just been gifted a lovely silk scarf woven by Judy. Lori lives on a cattle ranch not far from the Shed and brings great snacks to gatherings. She most certainly deserved this lovely gift. She is also a nice person!


I cropped a bit of this scarf so you could enjoy the exquisite weaving done by  Judy.   
Judy with back to the camera and Lori going through a rather large basket of fibery goodness looking for the right yarn to use for a crochet project Lori is working on. 

I am looking forward to the next gathering at the Shed on this coming Wednesday. You can be sure I will be there spinning away some more Shetland singles for that blanket warp I am doing. Hoping that Janet from the cattle ranch across the way will be joining me.

The mish mash week rounded itself out on Thursday with an all day trip for supplies to Redding plus mailing the newest quilt top and backing to my long arm quilter Pamela in Madera( promise photos when it comes home)   and finished yesterday with a trip up the hill to Shingletown to get some needed items for the dogs and cats at Doc Lydon's clinic. Had a  nice catch up visit with his lovely wife Jana and then headed home to do some catching up of my own.

Have a blessed weekend , stay warm and safe.


At February 15, 2017 at 5:53 AM , Blogger Leigh said...

All I can say is WOW. That studio is a fiber artist's dream come true. And you did good with the photos!

At February 15, 2017 at 8:55 AM , Blogger Goatldi said...

It is! I think the only thing that is better than the studio is the heart of the ladies who made it what it is today. Welcoming all and encouraging those who need it. We are on for tonight can't wait to sit and spin. It is one of the few things I will venture out at night for.


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