Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Marshall, Hugo and Jack Sparrow leave home.

Do these fellows look vaguely familiar ? I posted this to my teaser er coming attraction post a week ago. I can't believe a week has gone by the wayside already. Mostly because I was hoping to have completed at least two more post before the week was over. I need to have a talk with my personal secretary (namely myself) about my bad habit of booking more ventures then there is time to complete. But onward with a few more photos of the boys who grew up enough to leave home.

When Marshall and Jack Sparrow were wee ones they were cute,loving and sweet. Marshall on the  left and Jack on the right were the perfect  Dam (Mama Libbie) raised kids. Friendly and easily handled.                                                          
  Then Meg gave us twins fraternal but physically almost identical. Hugo (or Thing 1 as he was known then) was of sweet disposition and became a favorite in the barn. Hugo on the right of the two strawberry blond kids , sister Thing 2 aka Patience on left.  I work very hard to breed for lines that are strong in good confirmation and milk production. I breed my own replacement stock and have enough genetic diversity that I can line bred quite closely. But all the bucks aren't are not destined to be herd sires. 
  I do attempt to place withers (bucks minus the buck parts) with folks who are familiar with goats and their care. I have encountered too many goats in deplorable situations after being sold as "pets". I will say right now that some of my withers do get sold as butcher goats. In my mind a short humane life with a humane butcher is better then being torn to pieces tied to a post by the neighborhood dogs. Please excuse the graphic nature of that statement but in 31 years with goats I have seen the aftermath of that one too many times. 

But I digress.  After some conversation with  Debi it was decided that her farm would provide the perfect place for my three boys as companions to her aged wither pack goat. She loves goats, has the knowledge of their needs and they may someday hit the trail on one of the many trips she and her husband Brian make to the back country in the higher elevations. 

On Thursday September 8th the motley crew was loaded up into the extra large dog crate with a bale of alfalfa, large bag of peanuts (peanuts are the road to any goats heart) and made the 20 minute trip from Walnetto-Farm to Debi's small holding by the Sacramento River. 

Hugo on the left, Marshall center and Jack Sparrow on the right. We will miss you boys but know you are in good hands at your new home. 



At September 22, 2016 at 11:01 AM , Blogger Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh, it sounds like they are going to be safe and taken care of and that is all we hope for. Hug B

At September 22, 2016 at 10:18 PM , Blogger Goatldi said...

Spoken like a true livestock person Buttons.

At September 29, 2016 at 3:01 AM , Blogger Leigh said...

Good grief, how could I hae missed all these posts? Time flies!

It's always so much harder to place bucks, and one definitely does not need many of them! Glad you found a good home. I need one less buck right now, but trying to sell is slow. I hate that the buckling with the best conformation doesn't have the best personality. He's friendly but full of hormones at present.

At September 29, 2016 at 2:43 PM , Blogger Goatldi said...

That is why these guys even though they would make nice bucks in varying degrees are withered. I try to be a good steward of the critters on the farm. After all I am the one who brought them on and it is only right. Good luck with your buck boy.Are you keeping him?


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