Friday, December 2, 2016


We are having a few days of no rain . None until Sunday afternoon and then it is on again and the temperatures are going to drop like a rock with snow possibly down to 2000 feet we will see. We love snow at the farm makes for winter wonderland.


At least until it melts. Then is just becomes well messy!

So today I did a considerable amount of barn things. Moving around hay and stacking straw to keep those goat toes warm. I started the day with some pressing issues such as making bread, grinding ham for ham salad and trying my hand at toasting raw sunflower seeds in a recipe from my friend Debbi in Idaho. 

Starting with this loaf of whole wheat, sunflower (not the toasted ones), quinoa and flax seeds. It takes about 16 hours from start to finish but is well worth it!

 Then using my late  mother-in-love's (a more gentle and appropriate term for her) very old hand grinder. My Mama had one but I have no idea where it landed after she passed. I am fortunate to have this one and use it often.
And while grinding the ham for the ham salad the Honey Roasted Sunflowers from Debbi's blog toasted away in a cooler oven then the 500 degrees needed for the bread in the above photo. They are wonderful with coconut oil, raw honey and a bit of Redmonds mineral salt mixed with the sunflower seeds. Check out Debbi's recipe on her blog
More happening tomorrow in the barns and will get photos to share. Have a wonderful evening and weekend!


  1. We are still snowless here in northern Minnesota. Hardly seems like December. When will we get winter? I baked bread for the first time in ages yesterday and now want (need!) to get back into it as a regular thing for the coming months. Yours looks absolutely scrumptious!

    1. I am sorry for your lack of snow. I understand how odd and out of place one feels when things aren't in place for the time we expect them. Good for you baking bread! I will look expectantly to your blog for photos of the forthcoming loaves.

    2. Hi Terry... wish I was busy like you, instead of busy with employment. Thinking of you. Your bread looks amazing!!

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    4. Hi Miss working girl! I removed your comment because you were burping and it repeated itself. I wish you were busy like me , then I could weave more and you could make bread and work in the barn. I will be in touch as you can see life has been a bit otherwise occupied.

  2. Hand-ground ham for ham salad! Reminds me of my grandmother because she made it and I have her little meat grinder. Thanks for the link to Debbi's blog. It's a new one for me with stuff right up my alley.


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