Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Quilt Top and Sunday Recap

A quick peek at the new quilt top. I was hoping to get a better shot of it but this was the best of the lot and I know a few of you were wanting to see the finished project. Well not the quilt as a whole but the top. It is in the end 51x58 or so. It is much brighter in color than what you see but the colors are pretty much true. The backing is also a batik in hues of green and purple. I promise a better posed photo of both front and back when it returns from the long arm quilter in a few weeks.  

I took  a lot of photos on Sunday morning of adventures in cheese making and I am putting them together in a bit of a tutorial blog for those with an interest in cheese making. I have been testing the cheese making waters for about 27 years . I enjoy the process and the end results. Not  to mention the treat of goat cheese right in your backyard so to speak. Here is a peek at the finished project and stay tuned for the next blog post in short order for a photo step by step to easy always tasty goat milk   mozzarella cheese.
Also on Sunday big doings at the neighbors ranch. Punkin a Jersey milk cow had her calf. So I popped over for a  visit with this sweet 2 day old bull calf.  That is the bovine style of "discrete nursing below.


Today around the farm love was in the air. Little Trouble a 18 month doe came into heat and she was happy to be escorted to spend a bit of time with this good looking fellow who you may have seen  before Walnetto Farm Sundance Kid aka Buddy. 
Trouble's photo is a bit old and she has since become a bit more trim and dairy looking. Losing some of that baby fat so to speak. If all goes well kids are due on or about April 4, 2017.

Hope to see you tomorrow for the marvelous mozzarella post and will leave you with what was seen outside my kitchen window today at sunset.





At November 10, 2016 at 7:44 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Terry, I can't wait to see that quilt all finished. It is a stunner. Nice work.

That sunset was so beautiful. Brian and I hung out in the front yard for quite a while watching the entire sky that eve. The clouds were quite unusual.

Oh...I made Posole for the first time. OMGosh! What have we been missing all these years?

Say hi to Janet when next you visit her and her shy dairy cow/calf! Deb


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