Friday, October 28, 2016


Being a good Californian requires one to greet rain in any way shape or form with open arms. And we do! With the current storm we have picked up almost 2 inches which is sorely needed.

With as much as we love rain and as much as we need rain it can bring some trying times on the farm. Take Libbie for example who is giving us a stare down  yes please take her!

Goats don't like water except in a bucket. What we have here folks is the caprine equivalent to cabin fever. What do you get when you put 6 does in a pen , yes more then enough room for them, for 6 days of rain? Cranky goats! Being "house" bound is as hard on the critters as it can be on us. Libbie however has taken it to new heights today.

When I finally emerged from the log house to go feed this morning my ears picked up. "What is going on?" The closer I got to the barn my brain realized it knew that sound.A doe in heat. Ahhhhh yes music to the ears well at least to the bucks ears.
 End of October and finally heat cycles have commenced! Not to be outdone Libbie's daughter Twist joined in a few hours later and I am imagining that the other 6 does will join in soon. Should be a very noisy end to one of my favorite months.

 For you non goat types female goats "sing" loosely used term and wag their tails vigorously in the direction of the scent of their suitors. Singing can be defined as a come hither song to a ranging , caging Janis Joplin epic performance.

 Not to imply that Janis Joplin aka Pearl and a personal favorite of mine sounds like a doe goat in heat. Just that my girls seem to project at about the decibel level Pearl does when she hits those high notes on "take a little bit of my heart now baby".   

It is a happy home coming after 5 days away in Fresno/Madera area. Got a good deal of visiting done including one with my son and his family. Had the pleasure of watching my youngest grand girl play in her district division at volleyball. And she and the team picked up the second place ranking "Go Falcons!" 

Also got a nice load of alfalfa from Brett the number one hay guy in my 31 years of raising goats. I am not sure how it works do I go to the Central Valley for hay and get to visit friends and family or vice versa? However it works I enjoy myself to the fullest coming home always low on sleep and stuffed with great food. Food for the heart too love those grand girls!




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