Friday, September 30, 2016


The really great thing about living on a farm is nothing stays the same but change. It is change of season's , buildings going up or occasionally coming down, gardens growing and of course the annual increase in herd size aka kidding season. Each season has it's own way and often I find seasons within seasons. 
Today is probably the last day for awhile that Geoffrey will be able to work on my budding green house . Tomorrow is our day out to the Manton Apple Festival then followed by two days of rain. So he spent a bit of time working on it and getting in more winter wood  our heat source  during the winter. 
 Working on the center beam for the gabled roof. There is a 2x4 on both sides of the larger post that support the beam .
 And here you have a few photos that show wind will not be a problem with this structure during our winter season or windy springtime. Each corner has a T-post sunk and wrapped with a flexible plastic over a wire core and it is tied to the horizontal post on either side and the metal center post of the original dog kennel.  The photo below showing the door and side of the kennel also shows the smaller pieces of 2x4 that enforce the 2X4 on the of the top of the kennel wall photo above. 
Very excited about the coming week to see how this looks in the end. Have a great weekend and stop by again soon!



At October 11, 2016 at 5:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing this finished and full of green things!



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