Monday, September 26, 2016


Remember this rather brown, rather dry looking piece of land?  Check back to the last post for a refresher. As of today this is what it is beginning to look like. But this was this morning before milking and chores.

  Note Miss . Chloe at the top left corner basking in the safety of ignorance of what is to come. When I got my latest issue of Mother Earth News I noticed a reader submission on creating a green house by re purposing an abandoned dog kennel. Well my mind went into first gear. I have wanted a green house for a long time and this may make it happen!
We will augment ours in a few ways. One is Geoffrey wants to put a gable roof on it instead of the usual hoop house look.  It will be covered in the usual greenhouse plastic thickness dependent on what we determine for our needs.The walls of the greenhouse aka kennel will also be covered in the plastic and there will be vents two on each side that can be opened and closed as dictated by the weather and temperature.                                                      

My head is swimming with how much can I have in a 10x10 foot space that will include a year round salad garden plus some potting tables that Geoffrey wants to build that will be hung from chain so they can be pulled up out of the way when not being used. Add an area to stack my fodder trays for my barley fodder and it is looking good. If only in my mind at this point. I would also like to add a solar light  that fellow blogger Leigh shared on her blog.

.I will also like some bling added. Practical bling in the shape and size of hanging pots outside the door as weather permits and a paver walk coming up to the door from a few feet out. Gee I could see going so far as to putting in a paver circle and adding a small table with chairs to have springtime and early summer coffee and enjoy both the green house and the small orchard nearby. A girl can dream that is the first step to making dreams happen isn't it? 



At September 29, 2016 at 3:05 AM , Blogger Leigh said...

A greenhouse out of a dog kennel! Very clever. I so want a greenhouse too, but it just never seems to move up on the to-do list. By the way, your Miss Chloe looks like my Meowy!

At September 29, 2016 at 2:39 PM , Blogger Goatldi said...

I noticed that Leigh in your barn door photos. I thought "by golly that kitty sure looks like my Miss Chloe!" Is Meowy a typical Calico? We have 3 Calicos here on the farm. Two muted Miss. Helen who is totally blind and Miss. Molly who is a tripod. Thanks for coming over to visit!


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