Thursday, September 29, 2016


It is wet in this photo and Cali was taking full advantage of the view from the deck. Until I went out and spoiled her fun. We generally discourage dogs on the deck table or any table for that matter around here. But Border Collies tend to be very cat like and water like in that they seem to always seek their highest level. 

On Sunday October 2 we are expecting a 25 degree or more drop in temperature and a 60 % chance or better of rain. In California rain is still a big deal even if here in true Northern California we are no longer classified as in drought as the rest of the state is. We are officially "very dry". Looking forward to the rain on both Sunday and Monday.

As in so many areas of our country October holds a multitude of offerings and seems to have every weekend packed with endless possibilities. The downside is one needs to limit their choices to one or two a weekend and perhaps catch the events next year you missed this year. On Saturday the 1st Geoffrey and I are going to a small community over the mountain from us for the yearly Manton Apple Festival. We have gone each year we have lived here except for last year when I was in Fresno on family business and a hay run. This year the festival is just before our 45th wedding anniversary and it will be a bit of a celebration. Perhaps we will come back with a couple of boxes of these beauties!
 The day after I am off with two fiber friends to Dixon , Ca for Lambtown. I have set my sights
on this event for about 20 years. And I am delighted to say I will finally succeed in my quest. A wonderful day of fiber , food and livestock with Sheepdog Trails to round it out. There are many events such as this all over the states so treat yourself to one and you too may become a spinner, weaver, knitter or shepherdess.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
On the following Saturday  the fiber friends are setting our sights on this little gem just south of Chico

Two fiber events in a week is enough to make a fiber person giddy with delight and potentially coming home with more stash enhancements and cobwebs in the pocket book! But being adventurous and brave of heart I shall press on and return with photos to delight even the most reserved fiber person.  But before the weekend sets in and steals my attention and camera I will do a brief update on the greenhouse. So don't forget to stop by tomorrow evening before you set off to enjoy this first weekend in October to see how it is growing!  




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