Monday, April 10, 2017

Warp Speed Mr. Sulu

If time went any faster or the activities in it I would most certainly meet myself coming or going or both. The last four days have been jam packed with activities and changes. A couple of additions also.

Little Trouble added two more herd members. On the right is one handsome little buckling. And on the left is one special little doeling. Why is she special? Well  Sundance Kid is their Daddy and in about 10 breedings to does in the last 5 years this now 6 year old has never never never produced a doe kid. Big congrats to Sunny on finally coming through!

What could of been a busy enough time was accelerated by branding weekend. Jessica , daughter 3 of 3  whom you may remember from her 21st birthday visit 
joined us for a chance to help on the vaccine crew at the Ash Creek Corrals branding on Sunday. My dear friend Pam , Jessica's Mama, came along for the ride. It was three days of cows, calves, kids, thrift shops and food. Doesn't get much better than that!

They brought with them a bit of Flair. Pam and her hubby are moving to Idaho next month after many years of wishing and hoping the dream is coming true. Since they have a lot to do starting with building their home on the homestead no livestock will be going with them. Miss. Flair is Pam's oldest doe and I offered her a place to live out her life at the age of ten. Flair's Daddy was a buck of mine and I was happy to give her a retirement home and make leaving , as exciting as it is, a bit less stressful on Pam concerning her old doe. Flair does have sense of humor. Did she say "kiss me"?

Then there is Lonesome Dove a hair/wool cross that was left on a rainy night in a field that the cowboys worked gathering the cow/calf pairs for branding the next day. Ma ewe could be seen at the far side of the field with the larger , stronger ram lamb and their Daddy . Apparently LD was left behind and was cold and hungry. Cowboy Jerry (otherwise known as Janet's hubby) packed this little guy down the hill and he is currently residing in a large office box at Janet's. He will soon make an appearance at Walnetto Farm until we can find an appropriate forever home for him.

More photos of branding and kids next time. Right now I see a bowl of ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate sauce in my future then a warm bed. Leaving you with this shot from the side of my driveway. 


  1. Hi Goatldi! :)) Beautiful photos!!! I love seeing the happy, healthy little kids. That is super, and LD is very flirty! :)) Your writing sends out lots of happiness, I'm glad you had a great time :) Hope you enjoyed that ice cream!!! :)

    1. Yes Rain it was a busy, crazy weekend but lots of fun. And thank you the ice cream was delish!

  2. Congratulations to you and Miss T! They are beautiful. And what a handsome dad.

    Sounds like you've been really busy, but a good busy!

    1. Thank you ! Indeed very busy but fun busy . I will spend next weekend at the nursery with my gift certificate finding more plants to add to the Patty Pan Starbrust I picked up last Saturday when my friend Pam and I were at the Redding farmers market. And just when I was feeling smug about having kids at a "warmer" time of year winter is making another encore . Winds up to 65mph and rain. Snow levels dropping also. Wondering what surprises May will bring with the next set of kids show up 😉

  3. Wow, look at those loooong legs on Little Trouble's kids! And special congratulations on the doe!!

    Love, love goats. They all have such different personalities.

    You've certainly packed a lot into your days recently. Guess it's that time of year though.

    Will gladly gaze at any more pictures of your place and animals as you can post them!

    1. Why thank you Mama Pea. We aim to please and you are spot on it is that time of year. I am anxious to see what new adventures you are up too. More kid photos to come.


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