Sunday, March 4, 2018

Someone's Dream - Old Homestead Photos Part Two

Just happened to be going this direction this morning early on my way to Redding for a few weeks of provisions. We were down to cobwebs in the pantry. Another reason why I am excited to finally have a plan to do a massive canning season be it from our garden  or from the vendors at Farmers Market. Maybe a combo of both. We will see if the success rate is better this year. I miss not having our own veggies to use during the winter. At any I was able to get this photo of the homestead in my last post with better lighting. She is pretty sad. But yet strangely beautiful.

The second story doesn't seem to list as badly from the front. But the severe bow in the roof peak is quite obvious in the photo above.

When I get some time to check out the history I will do another post on this old homestead.


  1. There is something enchanting about old homesteads. Houses, sheds, and for me especially, barns. You know each one has a thousand little stories of parent's hopes and dreams, growing children's joys and trials, the triumphs and struggles of families. It all inspires the imagination!

    1. I agree Mark. I am always left wondering about the situation that left the homestead in the current state I see now. And what the family was like and how they carried out their days.

  2. That old homestead is awesome. As Mark has said, the history is wonderful. If walls could talk... You mentioned canning. 'Reminds me of daddy, he canned pears every year.

  3. I love those photos, it's nice to see a bit of history!

  4. "...down to cobwebs in the pantry..."...that strikes me as so funny! I hate being that low and am setting up a few steel racks in the basement to store non-perishables. Your home is beautiful...very beautiful!


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