Thursday, April 13, 2017

Winter Curtain Call Number 4

 Below is the bounty of spring. I mean after all Easter Sunday is only days away right?

 Who could argue with this pastoral scene , blue sky , puffy white meringue clouds. It certainly must be ?

Not to overlook the splendor of the long and winding road. 

See those thicker drops of rain to the center and far right? Those are what we call "popcorn snow". 
Please note that this event occurred less than five minutes from the scenes above. How ever it was at about 1,000 feet . Wait it gets better.   

Yup 36 degrees a drop of 20 degrees between valley floor and 1000 feet. So our low today was a solid 34 when I reached my road just about 2 miles from where the 36 registered. The time 2:30 PM.

And this is what it looked like at rock bottom temperature reading. 

In a journey of less than 10 miles I experienced 54 degrees with balmy blue skies and wild flowers in abundance , rain, hail, popcorn snow and real snow. Someone might want to tell the Easter Bunny not to forget the muck boots and mittens.


  1. Just goes to prove that we here in northern Minnesota aren't the only ones who get a crazy, wonky, fooled-you-again, tear-your-hair-out spring! We've got snow in the forecast for Easter, too. Poor bunny.

    1. No kidding! At least our chocolate bunnies won't melt.

  2. Hi Goatldi! :) That is amazing to see how quickly the climate changes in your area! We experience that a wee bit, but not to those extremes. We always notice a 2 degree celcius drop when we start the drive up to our village. It'll be snowing here and in the town 5km a way it'll be sunny and mild.


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