Tuesday, July 11, 2017


I got that funny feeling , you know the one I mean, about last Thursday. It started with a sneeze or two and then I was exhausted. No matter how well I ate or how much I slept at night I was pooped! By Saturday it was clear that my intestinal functions were going into full rebellion by Sunday I was dragging myself around doing what needed to be done and then back inside to plop down and knit or spin.

Monday had me on the road with errands and such still feeling like a discarded dish towel and eyeballing food with suspicion. I even took a brief nap in the afternoon which would be as out of character for as to see John Wayne in a musical hoofing it.

Today WOW. I woke at five in the AM  greeted the cool morning feeling (as Tony the tiger said) "greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! I guess I got sidelined by a bit 'o bug. I am thankful it was short lived and not nearly as coyote ugly as it could have been.

This morning I managed to tattoo Starry Nite who with her sister Katz Tracks and Patience are going to a new home when I take the grand girls home after their first week of August visit. I committed to the new owner to tattoo and register prior to their arrival. I used to tattoo all my kids and register them all also. But by the time I hit 50 kids in a kidding season I had to be a bit more discriminating due to cost. So I started by only papering kids as I sold them but tattooing at about a month. These three girls I kept as they are lovely does destined to be excellent producers and hold their own in the show ring. But it took a year before the right person came along.

The blond girl to the left is Patience (Dam Nutmeg to her immediate right) Katz Tracks is the lovely red doe and lastly Starry Nite . Katz and Star are full sisters . Star has since birth been more cat like always seeking her highest level. Her first acrobatic endeavor was as a young (3 months) and she learned to jump in the hay bunk of the feeder and climb into the hay rack (but wait there is more) onto the top of the rack and balance herself with ballet precision on the opposing bars. Sadly my camera was never around when she executed this stunning (and breath taking) act. How she managed to make it to adulthood where her weight and distribution of kept her firmly planted on the ground without a broken leg or worse I will never know.

I digress . I then plunged into cleaning two barns and rearranging the hay barn. I was yes indeed feeling darn good!

  Say "hello" to my loom. Yes it is different from the one I brought home in October. It is a 8 shaft, 12 treadle jack loom. It has a 46 inch weaving width. This is a Pendleton loom manufactured in Sedona , Arizona by Mary Pendleton and company.

Why? You may ask another loom. Well because I gifted a dear friend with the counter balance loom I brought home last October. Janet is a natural weaver and dear friend. She needed a larger loom to weave her saddle blankets on such as the Best of Show one in the prior post to this one. So off it went and then I fell in love with this one at The Shed one fiber night. My Baby Wolf is in a new home and facilitated by sale the funds to buy this loom with. It is a great loom for me as I do so prefer jack looms and with the 8 shafts I will be busy for a long, long time. 

Spinning up some tussah silk and shetland blend to be a skein to be entered into the fiber division at the Mc Arthur fair in August.

Also now in the skein line up. I found this to be an interesting combination almost illegally soft and needing some serious predrafting and stripping prior to spinning for desired effect.

These are three of the six skeins I hope to enter . Working on some more blends and a very nice long draw Teeswater.

I giggled when I found this lovely kitchen aid mixer all dressed up and clucking to go on a homesteading group I frequent. Whoever produced this did a great job!

On a more somber side I was totally over come by so many emotions when this photo was posted to my Facebook page. This is the Wall fire in Butte county close to the town of Oroville. You may remember Oroville from this winter when the spillway to their large dam was undermined and the water came crashing down. This apparently isn't a good year for this small town. Both the home and Old Glory were saved by these brave firefighters. 

Ending on a sweet happy note meet Peppermint Patty who is residing at the home of White Dog Ranch in Potter Valley CA. She popped out this sweet colt foal and he most certainly is a beautiful boy! White Dog Ranch  http://www.whitedogranch.com/is the breeder of two of my Great Pyrenees that have worked with my goats. 


At July 12, 2017 at 10:35 AM , Blogger Rain said...

Hi Goatldi :) Your little does are beautiful. The photo really shows their pretty colours! The blender is hilarious! And wow that's a big loom! That would take up half my living room! :) I'm glad you're doing better, I hate feeling sick, it happens more often than I like these days. I'm trying to boost my immune system with fruits and fish oil lately!

At July 15, 2017 at 6:06 AM , Blogger Leigh said...

I don't know where to start: goats, loom, spinning, or that beautiful Kitchen Aide! I love your new loom. I used to have a Mighty Wolf but sold it to help pay for the Glimakra. One of these days I'll get back to weaving and spinning, I'm sure.

At July 15, 2017 at 12:24 PM , Blogger Goatldi said...

Isn't the Kitchen Aid the nuts? Just love the ingenuity. Well the loom isn't quite that big but it does have a 46 inch weaving width. Popped over to see you but my iphone was being snotty and wouldn't let me leave a comment that day.

At July 15, 2017 at 12:30 PM , Blogger Goatldi said...

I love the Kitchen Aide. I wish I had that kind of vision and the creative ability to execute it.
I have to agree the goats are nice. Especially Katz and Star. Longfellow throws himself well and they are always good looking off spring. One time I had five yearlings of his in a class out of four different dams. They placed 1-5 with the fourth place doe standing in front of only the single . The judge said "gee if you are going for uniformity you have accomplished it." Makes one feel good when a plan works.

If you don't get back to that weaving soon I may have to make a road trip and poke you with a knitting needle to get you going lady. LOL


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